When parenting gets difficult, why not hand it over to AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Apparently, Amazon believes it’s a great idea!

With one easy payment of $79.99 (plus subscription fees), the new Amazon Echo Dot – Kid’s Edition has taken on the role of parenting skills, at least when it comes to manners.

In response to many parents’ concerns about children being demanding and rude to Alexa (surprise!), Amazon has released a new update with its revolutionary new “magic word” programming. Alexa will “thank you for asking nicely” if you tack on a “please” to a question or request.

No one knows the long-term effects AI voice assistants will have on children.

One concern (among many) is AIs interjection into daily life. The questions are abundant: Will children’s social development be hindered with the ascent of AI? Will AI become so commonplace that children will become conditioned to speak to both AI and humans in robotic, trite, and meaningless tones?

We believe children should learn the essential nuances of communication through engaging and connecting with others.

Parents are the primary window through which children see the world, especially when it comes to teaching essential life and communication skills in the home.

Technology should not be a replacement for a child’s social development.

While AI voice assistants may seem to be a convenience, the fact remains that it is still just a disembodied voice in the room.

AIs have a place, but nothing can replace authentic human conversation and teachable lessons.