Have you ever offered a greeting that was not acknowledged?

We can’t control the actions of others, but we can certainly control our own actions.  A smile and a welcome greeting is a gift.  If our good intentions are not well-received, we may feel let down or disappointed. But don’t despair.

Etiquette is not just about knowing which fork to use.  It is being an “example” and making courtesy, kindness, and respect a part of our everyday lives.

We shouldn’t be too concerned when we don’t get a response.  We offer a greeting because it’s professional and polite, regardless of how it is received.

If someone doesn’t respond to your greeting, it may be that:

  • They didn’t hear you
  • They’re distracted
  • They’re having a bad day
  • There are other reasons you may not be aware of

The important take-away is this….

It is best not to judge.  Don’t force a response.  Be patient with others and continue to be your radiant self!