We all have our weaknesses. Some of us are challenged with spelling and grammar, while others have a problem saying no to dark chocolate (with sea salt). Admittedly…when writing our weekly articles, we are self-confessed exclamation point and comma abusers!

This can prove to be problematic.

For example:


As you can see, the correct use of punctuation (and grammar) is important and apparently can be quite deadly.

Today’s writing is all about truncated texts, tweets, and emojis 🍴.

It’s important to remember, though, for every message sent (especially in business), how and what we write serves as a reflection of who we are.

Before hitting the send button, make sure your email is written professionally and without spelling and grammatical errors.

One grammar mistake says, “I’m too busy (eating chocolate) to proofread every email I send.”
Ten grammar mistakes say, “I did not pass remedial English.”

Email is still the #1 communication tool for business.

So, remember, it only takes a few seconds to save a person’s life, and maybe your job.

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