People only know what they are taught.

If basic social skills are not exemplified in the home, how will people learn what is appropriate when they enter the workplace?

What was once considered basic etiquette (eye contact, shaking someone’s hand, standing up when someone entered a room) is now perceived as an advanced skill.

Sadly, corporations today are finding that new hires are lacking the basic skills needed to interact in a professional environment.

This creates a significant business problem; not only for the company, but for the new hire.

While companies may hire for hard skills, none of that matters if their employees are making a negative impression on clients and co-workers.

Here’s how employees can make a bad first impression:

  • Failure to greet a client professionally
  • Conversational faux pas
  • Gum chewing & other bad habits
  • Electronic device distraction
  • Unprofessional dress

So, what’s the solution?

It’s not just insisting on a dress code during the hiring process.

Regulations are meaningless unless there is substance behind them. Employees need to understand WHY they are being asked to dress or act in a certain way.

Certainly, outward impressions are important. But it is the spirit of how they are carried out that leaves the greatest impression. It’s about being sensitive and having the tools at hand to know what is appropriate for each situation.

Our business etiquette workshops are designed to provide professionals with a deeper understanding of why and how etiquette is important for success.

After all, you only get one chance to make a great first impression.

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