According to, 85% percent of managers say work ethic and attitude are “the most important considerations in choosing a candidate,” and “the most important attribute for employee success.”

That’s a whopping 85% of managers who consider soft skills to be at the top of their list.

Soft skills (aka essential life skills) relate to how we conduct ourselves in a meeting, how we listen, how we introduce ourselves and others, and how we handle ourselves at networking events.

As mundane as it sounds, even how we butter our bread when dining can reveal a lack of finesse to those you are trying to impress. Without even realizing, a lack of business etiquette could inadvertently cost you or your company valuable business in today’s competitive environment.

Buttered and Battered

The absence of soft skills has created an epidemic of lost sales, battered client-employee relationships, apathetic or angry customers, and missed opportunities.

One of the key elements of business etiquette is demonstrating professionalism–day in and day out. Those who have a desire to improve themselves will gain the advantage (i.e. learning to navigate office politics, the boardroom, cocktail parties, and those tricky client relationships).

What sets you apart from others?

You may possess incredible technical abilities or an amazing product or service. However, without the right interpersonal and communication skills it is much more difficult to move ahead in business and further your career.

Savvy employers realize that people do business with people they like. This is called the “likability factor.”

If you’re not sure why you’re not getting ahead, it may be time to sharpen your soft skills with some etiquette training.

And remember… it pays to be polite.

The best investment you can make is in yourself. ~ Warren Buffett



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