Hearkening back to days long gone (we’re talking pre-1990s), people actually dressed up more. Men shined their shoes, women rarely left the house without make-up, and it was considered scandalous to wear jeans or sandals in any professional setting.

The shift from well-groomed to ultra-casual to even “proud-to-be-slovenly” has been a gradual transition over the last several decades.  Ironically, in a society that has become even more obsessed with outward appearances, it seems as if people couldn’t care less about how they present themselves.  Fortunately, there has been a resurgence of one 20th century staple…


Once essential to a woman’s wardrobe, pantyhose almost became extinct (like the Majorcan Midwife Toad which was recently rediscovered in 1977. There are as few as 500 breeding pairs remaining).

Until now!

Revitalized by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton (who sports a variety of hosiery), pantyhose are making a comeback.

Love them or hate them, the fact remains—hosiery creates not only a professional look, it creates a polished appearance.

Ready to don some legwear, ladies? Here’s a quick “how to wear” hosiery guide:

Professional or Formal Event
Nude pantyhose (sheer)

Casual Event
Black pantyhose (sheer)

Fall/Winter or Casual Event
Opaque tights

It’s OK to wear bare, but only if it’s within your company’s dress code.

Pantyhose Faux pas
Never wear open-toed shoes with pantyhose unless they are toeless, which are designed for sandals.

PRO-TIP: In the U.K., hosiery is embraced year-round.