Is it an “over forty” problem or a “listening” problem?  Maybe a combination of the two? Whatever the ailment, we have all been down that road of forgetting someone’s name after an introduction.

While Introduction Gaffe Syndrome (also known as IGS) is not contagious, it can be painfully chronic.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for IGS.

Thankfully, we are committed to helping IGS sufferers with some “prescribed” remedies that will help ease discomfort when symptoms start to occur. 

  • RX #1: Share your name first. The other person will likely take the hint and share their name as well.
  • RX #2: Pay attention to FIRST NAMES only–take the stress out of trying to remember last names when meeting someone initially.
  • RX #3: Ask for their business card. Once in hand, look at the card, repeat their name (first only) followed by a positive remark about their card.
  • RX #4: Repeat the other person’s name (and often). By the seventh time their name is mentioned, it will stick!
  • RX #5: Use word or image associations to remember names (i.e. hair color, name rhyming, etc.), 
  • RX #6: A gentle touch on the arm can help trigger remembering someone’s name.  Don’t be flirty!
  • RX #7: Apologize with sincerity and keep your sense of humor if IGS finds you in an awkward situation.
  • RX #8: There is nothing wrong with asking someone their name again, but be sure to give them your name.  They too may have IGS!  If you must ask for their name a third time, use the business card remedy.
  • RX #9: BREATHE and slow down the introduction process.
  • RX #10: For the really embarrassing IGS situation, send flowers 🌹.

The main thing is to listen, slow the conversation down, and focus your energy on the person(s) you just met.

In doing so, not only will you remember their name, you will also have an opportunity to form a personal or professional friendship or networking connection.